HRI Lodging's Executive Team

Our executive team has an average of 25 years of hospitality experience, having operated over 100 hotels with major brands in first tier markets.

With experience in major capital improvements for hotels in excess of $500M, the team is well prepared to coordinate the refurbishment and rebranding of assets.

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  • HRI Lodging's Executive Team

  • Gary Gutierrez President (HRIL & MWTH)

  • Michael Coolidge Chief Investment Officer (HRIL & MWTH)

  • Dione Heusel Senior VP of Human Resources (HRIL)

  • Craig Devine VP of Finance and Analytics (HRIL & MWTH)

  • Kristen Jordan-Wood VP of Sales and Marketing (HRIL & MWTH)

  • Lior Sekler VP of Revenue Management (HRIL & MWTH)

  • Darlene Marcello VP of Food & Beverage and Procurement (HRIL & MWTH)

  • Larry Daniels VP of Operations (HRIL)

  • Todd Iacono VP of Operations (HRIL & MWTH)

  • Tim Talley VP of Engineering (HRIL & MWTH)

  • Patrick Vyncke Director of Acquisitions and Development (HRIL)

  • Chad Penny Corporate Director of Information Technology (HRIL)

  • Yelena Yershova Executive Office Manager